Design and comfort for a superlative vehicle

Air vents for electric luxury sedan from Mercedes


Automotive supplier fischer Automotive also made a contribution to the premiere of the Mercedes EQS, the first fully electric luxury sedan. The kinematics manufacturer developed and produced a ventilation nozzle set in an elegant design for the vehicle. In addition, a cup holder in the futuristic interior provides extra comfort.

Mercedes-Benz attracted a lot of attention with the presentation of the EQS. It is the company's first sedan that is not derived from an internal combustion vehicle. Rather, the electric counterpart to the S-Class is based on the independent EVA2 (Electrical Vehicle Architecture) platform, also known as MEA (Modular Electric Architecture). The version with two power units gives the vehicle extremely sporty acceleration and, in conjunction with the streamlined body, ensures a range of up to 770 kilometers.
However, the new Mercedes EQS impresses not only with its technical details, but also with its innovative interior design. In the premium trim, the cockpit is dominated by a continuous, 1.41-meter-wide hyper screen with curved lines. As a contrast to the smooth and seamless surface of the display and as a "link from the digital to the physical world," as Mercedes-Benz puts it, two air vents protrude from the display at the left and right ends. They were developed and manufactured by fischer Automotive in Horb, a division of the fischer group of companies. The characteristic feature of the nozzles is the futuristic design in turbine optics, which clearly stands out from the puristic hyperscreen and is thus strongly in focus.

In addition, the upper edge of the Hyperscreen is bordered by further ventilation nozzles. In contrast to the side vents, these transverse vents are discreetly integrated into the overall design. Special features include the free-floating handles (controls) painted in the "Silver Shadow" color and the painted three-component trim strips in the color rose gold. As a further highlight, the jets can be illuminated in different colors. The air nozzles complement and enhance the effect of the Hyperscreen MBUX, in keeping with Mercedes chief designer Gordon Wagener, for whom design has to do with the desire for two things: "beauty and the extraordinary." This "X factor," says Wagener, must "surprise and enchant."
Mercedes-Benz EQS Cupholder
In addition to these elements, fischer Automotive also supplies air vents for the rear area and in the B-pillar area, plus the air ducts and cup holders. The assembly assistant is used for the side nozzle and center nozzle assembly lines with highly complex kinematics and lighting. So far, the high-quality components have been produced at fischer Automotive's main plant in Horb, but series production will take place at fischer Serbia. From there, the parts are delivered to the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen, where the EQS is manufactured.

With the interior components, the fischer group of companies is part of a product that also impresses with its sustainability. Both the vehicle and the battery are produced in a CO2-neutral manner. The steel of the body consists of 80 percent recycled scrap. In addition, resource-conserving materials such as carpets made from recycled yarn are used. According to Mercedes, the EQS is "the most aerodynamic production car in the world." This is reflected in the vehicle's long range.
Mercedes-Benz EQS air vents illuminated