Interior solutions for a holistic wellness experience

fischer Automotive is a leading full-service supplier for interior solutions in vehicles, offering the driver and passengers an attractive and functional interior solution. The automotive industry trusts in fischer´s own top quality and the differentiating and emotionally appearing solutions for vehicle interiors. fischer Automotive produces high-quality components for dashboards and center consoles for vehicle interiors.
The product range includes air vents, storage compartments and multifunctional components which ensure order and comfort in the vehicle.

Storage Compartments and Ashtrays


The interior equipment can be adapted according to the customer's requirements. fischer Automotive supplies attractively shaped ashtrays as well as useful storage systems.

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Storage Compartments

With its high-quality kinematics products, fischer Automotive upgrades the interior of every vehicle visually and functionally, providing storage space and order. Innovative production technologies ensure both elegance and quality of the kinematic components.

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Thermo-cupholders have long been rated as an upgrade of the equipment in the vehicle interior. Enjoying chilled or heated drinks while driving makes for a completely new level of driving comfort. fischer Automotive not only offers the matching console components but also the associated technology.

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Nozzles and air outlets

Broadband air vents

A straightforward design meets complex technology. fischer Automotive realizes this guiding principle with its broadband air vents which extend far over the instrument panel and provide diffuse ventilation in the vehicle interior with ambient lighting concepts. Production ranges from conventional injection moulding technology to the innovative MuCell process.

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Air vents

With their attractive design and functionality, the lamella air vents from fischer Automotive provide perfect ventilation in the interior of many vehicles. Whether broadband air vents or side air vents: with our ventilation concepts we ensure a good climate in the vehicle interior - and we do so in a cost and weight-saving way. Innovative manufacturing technologies are used in the production of our air vents.

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System solutions and modulesĀ 

System solutions and modules

With exciting approaches, fischer Automotive provides innovative and forward-looking ideas which are indispensable in the design of electric mobility and autonomous driving.

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